A Personal Transformation...

Each day brings a package of uncertainty that challenges our beliefs, purpose, and direction. To endure, we should use every event and life’s challenges to become a better contributor to health and society through tests of courage, principles, and self-reliance. In this way, an abundance of counselors surface for those in search. We believe olive oil is a natural resource of vital importance to public health; a heart-healthy alternative for butter, margarine, and mixed tarnished oils which begs to be experienced for understanding and clarity. Ama-Olea, which stands for “Love of Unity, Power, and Friendship,” empowers our mission to learn and inspire lasting lifestyle decisions. 

Captivated by taste, and scent at an olive oil store in San Diego, awakened Bella and me to explore this historical and powerful fruit juice. Something happened that caused a deep reflection on the choices we made and the life we lived. Without realizing, this experience helped us arrive at a desirable outcome - with an open heart, came an open mind, and then... Ama-Olea Taste of Olive Oils. The health and wellness identity of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and Aged Balsamic Vinegars, designed and prepared for readiness. Protection and guidance against the elements of heat, light, oxygen, and reduced shelf-life and an appetite to connect with our guests to share our 12-support operational process and the nutritional benefits of our products. Similar to life, mother nature is a source of life, not a resource, the more we learn, the more our direction and confidence is nurtured which results in better decisions...this encounter and acceptance is what we call, self-renewal....a transformation.

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